Are you interested in space? Then check out TMRO!

Brookville, Pennsylvania
February 11, 2016 4:05pm CST
TMRO (pronounced “tomorrow”) is a webcast dealing with space stories that airs every Saturday. They go over the latest rocket launches, interesting discoveries made by the numerous spacecraft exploring our solar system, or more down to Earth stuff like contracts and mergers in the space business. Sometimes they interview a guest, either someone working on changing the industry or someone trying to excite the public about space. And that’s the main point of the show: letting people know that space is more than just a fancy location for movies. And they do all of this with a sense of humor, and frequent flubs, so it’s not just a boring, technical lecture. They also have Space Pods, which are shorter videos that focus on one specific topic that come out about once a week. The main show just started their ninth season, and I’ve been watching them for probably the last three or four. If any of this sounds interesting, I hope you’ll check them out. And just to clarify, outside of them occasionally reading some of my comments, I have nothing to do with the show. I’m just a viewer hoping to introduce new people to it.
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• Philippines
11 Feb 16
I wonder what the hell happened to MARS 1 it was one of teh most popular trends back then. well, thank you for the information, i will take a look on this.
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• Brookville, Pennsylvania
11 Feb 16
I think Mars 1 pretty much fell apart. Not sure what all the details are.