The Ngifat Mountainside

The Ngibat Tribe
@Shavkat (65268)
February 12, 2016 5:17am CST
The people of Ngibat were long before live in Sitio Tibiak, Butbut. For the reason of settling in the cold place and scarcity of water, the village seeks for a better living condition. They had found a stream or creek not far distance, walking down the hill for 15 minutes from Tabiak. It is an answer to their basic needs, the abundance of water supply. The first night of stay in the new resettlement made the community celebrate, built an open fire and gathered around to sleep. For the Butbut Tribe, a bonfire means “Nanifat” or “Ngifat”. In the long run, the common ancestors had named it to Ngibat. The highly varied topographic condition of the barangay brought no significant difference in terms of weather condition. Ideally, rainfall frequency increases with altitude. Basically, the province as a whole receives high intensity of rainfall during the early part of May until November. The dry season prevails during the month of December to April. Photo Credit: Shavkat
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