Conflict At Work And Its Advantage And Disadvantage

@Shavkat (69527)
February 12, 2016 9:27am CST
Conflict arises when two opposing side are unable to arrive to certain agreeable end. It is also used by the management to device drastic changes in the existing power, current interaction patterns, and entrenched attitudes. Conflicts aide group cohesiveness, that may result solidarity or to cause a group to pull up together as a unit depending on its degree. It said to be beneficial when it initiates the search for new means and goals and paves way to innovation, thus it improves group and organizational effectiveness. In addition, conflict brings out a slightly higher, more constructive level of tension, and a healthy avenue of intellectual discourses that would lead a better decision making which, of course, beneficial to everyone who is involved. On the other hand, it becomes detrimental and devastating when conflicts are not addressed properly within the group or by the management. This could cause decrease level of individual/employee satisfaction, inefficiency of work output, sabotage, and even physical aggression. In resolving conflict, the most effective way is the collaboration approach. It is said that this type of approach initiates cooperation to fully satisfy the concern of each. A management which does not know how to handle conflict will not survive and the organization becomes stagnant and no growth can be seen.
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