Everyone Needs A Beat Down

Redlands, California
February 16, 2016 1:23pm CST
The worlds population seems cocky and that is why it needs a beat down. There may be a tiny few who go through life with such a humble approach that they never receive a beat down. I have never met anyone who has not had some sort of beat down. If you are like me where you learn the hardest way. Then you have probably had all sorts of beat downs. Fist fight beat downs , work related beat downs, political beat downs, financial beat downs. Hell I think a little girl walked up to me one time and just kicked me because she did not like the way I looked. OK, that last one was a joke. In all seriousness, some people do seem to make it through this world without ever getting a life changing beat down. You know something that brings you back down to earth because you think you are all that and a bag of chips. I do not like malicious beat downs, though. I like the ones where you had it coming and someone or something needed to put you back in your place. To give you some perspective of what this life is really supposed to be about. I am curious of what people think about my logic on this one because maybe I need another beat down to keep this perspective thing going.
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@teamfreak16 (42388)
• Denver, Colorado
16 Feb 16
Unfortunately, sometimes the people who need it most never seem to get one.
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• Church Hill, Tennessee
16 Feb 16
At first I was unsure bout what you were getting at, but then it started making sense to me. Yes, I have had my share of beat downs and I am sure there are more to come in this old world.I just pray they are not so brutal when they come.
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• Redlands, California
16 Feb 16
That is always the scary part. When are they going to happen next. lol. That should be enough to keep us on our toes, but life just has a funny way of making you fall in this lull. All we can do is learn from it though.
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• Eugene, Oregon
17 Feb 16
I worked for a man and we were (sort of) friends too. He seemed to live a charmed life. Money and success seemed to seek him out, despite the fact that he was not all that competent. As far as I know, his good fortune continues today too. I never knew of a beat down that he suffered.