They Delayed My Package For the Second Time

@Raine38 (8987)
United States
February 16, 2016 9:17pm CST
The first delay is understandable as it is President’s Day. As someone who works full-time, I appreciate a holiday that I get to spend with my loved ones and have an extra day to finish my chores. I do not mind the delay of course. My package, by the way, was sent through UPS. When I checked its status, it has been sitting in their dock here in town. But like I said, due to the holiday, they were not able to deliver. This morning, I checked once again to see if it has been delivered to my house just so I can plan my route as I have somewhere to be after work. Imagine my dismay when I found out that they transferred the delivery to USPS, and updated the delivery date to tomorrow instead. I do not understand why they have to transfer the package, and even if they did, why do they have to deliver it tomorrow when the transfer occurred around 4:00a.m. today? Even if I want to lodge a question to the store, it will be no use as their response time is usually around 2 days after due to the volume of their inquiries. By then I already have (hopefully) my package. Hopefully they deliver tomorrow, I don’t know what else to do if they delay it for another day again.
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• Lakewood, Colorado
17 Feb 16
Hello Raine. I have that happen a lot from Amazon. I do not know which retailer you are referring to. I hate it when the pkg is transferred to USPS. The mail is the bottom of the barrel here. I much prefer UPS to deliver. That way you are assured to receive it.
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@Raine38 (8987)
• United States
18 Feb 16
I also prefer UPS as their online tracking system is more updated than USPS.
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