Sometimes we Have to Take a Break From People

@Teep11 (7418)
United States
February 17, 2016 5:48pm CST
Sometimes we come in contact with people who just don't get it. They may feel so insecure that they try to sabotage other person's dreams. We have to find a way to deal with them because they're all around but my goodness. It's a wonder that they don't wear themselves out. We all have talent and we should find our passion. We can't live someone else's life or live their dreams. Of course we can share our dreams if we want but who wants to share them with people who try to weigh others down? Not Tiki. Not Tiki.
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@Raine38 (9188)
• United States
18 Feb 16
I do not deal with these kind of people. I simply do not bother. Life is already difficult as it is, I do not need to make to even more difficult by having negativity around me. They go their way, I go my way. As longs our paths don't cross, we're okay. If they have a problem with me even though I did not do anything to them, then too bad so sad.
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@Shavkat (69527)
• Philippines
19 Feb 16
I can't stay with these people who are busy putting down others. In fact, I can't hang out with this kind of people.
• Hong Kong
18 Feb 16
Getting along with people is always a challenge. Dealing with difficult people is even a tough job. It is always to stay with people who is easy to get along with. However, as long as the world turns, there will always be some kinds of difficult people around. Escape from them or deal with them with extra love and wisdom is always a choice. Perhaps that's why we surely need the love of Jesus to love the unlovable and grow from all these experiences. Why? Just because our human love are so limited and always change. Only God's love is unlimited and always empower us to keep on loving in such a fallen world.
@marlina (81919)
• Canada
18 Feb 16
I know a person who always put down everyone in order to put himself up.
• United States
18 Feb 16
I avoid myself from people in general.
@andriaperry (67570)
• Anniston, Alabama
18 Feb 16
I hate yet to make my dreams come true. what are your dreams?
@carexing25 (1817)
• Philippines
18 Feb 16
some people just wanted to fulfill their own interest, I don't know why they exist but I hate them, and there are lots of them around in every place