Treasure your mobiles NOW!

Mumbai, India
February 18, 2016 1:06pm CST
Mobile(replacing BOOKS) are man's best friend. A friend who knows you in and out! Its no less than a live bomb! Likely to explode your life if it falls in the hand of your parents(if ur a teenager) or spouse(in case you have an extramarital affair). And we all know those people around us who tuck them in trousers or pockets while in loo and under their pillows while asleep coz of fear. Cracking mobile lock code on someone else's phone is like finding a personal can have a look at the person's history (browsing history), future plans (a search on web: how to become a millionaire) among many others. The most vulnerable ones are the social networking sites like facebook and whatsap! Also the money you make on mylot??! So keep ur mobiles treasured!
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@slund2041 (3495)
• United States
19 Feb 16
I could care less if people see what I have on my phone. I have nothing to hide. I am not one of these people who cheat on their spouse or anything like that. If someone got a hold of my phone they would probably be bored to tears, reading my list of topics to write about on myLot, or list of things not to forget.
• Bombay, India
19 Feb 16
You won't believe my one friend met with an accident and when he came conscious.. Can you guess what was the first question asked by him?? He asked where is my mobile. I feel that mobile is replacing the human being. We be online all the time and share everything with the close ones but when we meet, we actually don't have anything to share. Isn't it funny!
@LoriAMoore (9976)
• United States
18 Feb 16
I don't have any personal information in mine, so they'd not get much if they hacked in.
@JolietJake (41203)
18 Feb 16
I use my phone as a phone, a computer as a computer, and a book as a book. If I lost my phone, so what? People still wouldn't have any information other than numbers of my friends.