Never a snow plow when you need one?

February 19, 2016 2:01am CST
It was an observation I made years ago, that when driving in the winter one would see, or at least notice, lots of snowplows going by when it was not snowing and when the roads are clear... And when you are on the road and it is snowing heavily, there would seem to be no snowplows. At least that's how it seems-whether or not it's objectively accurate or not is another story. Getting caught twice last week on a busy road in bad snow, with all of us driving 20, that old observation came back to mind. That and simply being grateful that people were at least being sensible and going slow. Have you ever felt that way when driving in bad weather, or leaving home or work when the weather seemed fine one moment, and the next became a bad storm with white out conditions? Do you keep an emergency kit in your vehicles for such things? I confess, I could be a little better prepared and being Canadian I really should know better by know.
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@bluesa (15223)
• Johannesburg, South Africa
19 Feb 16
@HebrewGreekStudies , you could be better prepared? Could? And not are?! Please, take some time, and sort out the, could, to, are! Get everything you know you will need into that car! And thank goodness everyone slowed down and was careful during those conditions. We don't get snow here, but, boy oh boy, on a cloudy day, just step out of the door without an umbrella , have I been caught in some awful rain!
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@Lucky15 (33669)
• Philippines
19 Feb 16
I always tell my brother to have an emergency kit on his car...and i hope he has now
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