making my day more bearable

February 22, 2016 5:21pm CST
"Are you proofreading your work, young master G?" I enquired of the student gazing into space. "No," he responded. "Why not?" I asked. "Because I'm looking at you; you're talking to me." Well, that was me told. They were supposed to be getting their creative juices flowing today with an exercise which stimulates the imagination. It involved imagining a path and describing certain things, like a key and a cottage. Young master G wrote two pages and when I read them I laughed, perhaps too much. The path was boring. The key was meaningless, much like the walk G was taking along the path. There were demons and satanic rituals and lots of 'why's'. Why am I walking here? Why is there a cottage? Why didn't I pick up that key? I love his literal take on everything. His quirky smile when he gets that you get his humour is a lovely sight to behold. In another lesson, young miss Knickers actually wrote about a hundred words under my guidance. She normally writes nothing, so that 100% increase earned me a subtle 'thank you' smile from the teacher. It's moments like this which genuinely make my job bearable and rewarding.
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@xFiacre (4573)
• Ireland
22 Feb 16
@poppylicious I love his reply at the beginning. Wish I could have thought of that one when I was at school.
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24 Feb 16
It was brilliant. He is funny without really trying. :)