The Doctor's Patient

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February 22, 2016 10:18pm CST
I am almost certain that I have covered parts of this in the past. However, I am also certain I haven't wrote it out in such detail. This is about a spiritual encounter that family members have had. My aunt and her husband live on a piece of land with several houses. The house they live in was once the house of a doctor. His practice was right next door. One night he was brought a patient that was very ill. The little boy of no more than ten was not expected to live through the night. I believe the boy had a very high fever and If my memory serves me right, had contracted TB. I can't remember the exact years this doctor lived in the house, sort of a shame as it'd be interesting to know. In any case, the boy did not survive the night. The room that he was put in was the bedroom that my cousin would later call his own. He, as well as another younger cousin, reported feeling as if someone was sitting on them and also had their ears messed with. Fast forward a few years and to a seance of sorts that my cousin and her friend had arranged for the home. *Before I continue let it also be known that things had been reported to being moved, and sometimes with the observation of others* It has been atleast ten years since the seance. About a year or so ago we found out that my cousin had not told my aunt everything from the results of the seance. My cousin's words were somewhere along the lines of "you wouldn't want to know." Let me state a few things. The information about the doctor and it being his house.I can not remember, without asking my aunt, if that piece of information was already known or was a result of the seance itself. I *believe* the house to have been built around the 1940's but could be wrong on the dates. Most of the encounters happened around the time that the house was being added on to / restored. It seems that they are always sick (bronchitis etc) there. This could be a result of unseen mold etc. Now I do not believe that a spirit can harm you unless you let it. What say you about this?
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@GardenGerty (96662)
• Marion, Kansas
24 Feb 16
Age of the house would be in the abstract, as well as previous owners. All public records. I believe there are spirits at work in the world, and that having seances and such opens a way in for them. I would go with mold or asbestos in the house or even lead paint for illnesses or fiberglass insulation. I also believe in the Bible, which suggests not to consult with mediums and also that it is appointed for man to die once and then face his own judgement. I do not play around with things of the spirit world.
• United States
24 Feb 16
I Agree with you on the illness being more likely caused by the environment around them. I am open minded about using mediums but I also realize that one has to be very careful when messing around with the spiritual world. You can not always trust the intentions of the medium either.
@JESSY3236 (6071)
• United States
23 Feb 16
That's interesting. Was the doctor's ghost there too?
• United States
24 Feb 16
Not to my knowledge. Then again the whole fact that my aunt didn't get the whole story makes me think perhaps the doctor could have been as well. We found out all the info about the ghost from my aunt, and her daughter was the one to relay the majority of the information to her. The same daughter who did not divulge everything at the time.
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