Have you been cheated?

@VinayaG (550)
Kathmandu, Nepal
February 24, 2016 2:06am CST
Many years ago, a man came to my house and asked to pay three months cable bills. He said he was from the cable company I had subscribed. I asked him to show his ID. Instead of showing his ID, he said your cable will be disconnected if you do not pay at this moment. I asked him to show his ID. He became furious and scolded me for not trusting. I did not have money to pay him. He walked away, but later I knew he was a fraud.
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@trivia79 (7888)
• El Segundo, California
25 Feb 16
how did you knew? based on his actions?
@louievill (19336)
• Philippines
24 Feb 16
These people have a vice or vices that they need to care forthat's why they would do everything to get money
@kiran8 (15354)
• Mangalore, India
24 Feb 16
It is such a pity that people have time and energy to think up such schemes but are unwilling to do something constructive to earn their living. I once had an experience where two youngsters came home and said they were both trainees at a nearby plant nursery and would do any gardening job that I may have. I asked them to prepare a patch on which we wanted to make a lawn with bull grass. After working for an hour, they said that they needed a break since they had to eat their lunch and asked for some money, thankfully I did not give them Rs 500 as demanded by them but instead gave them Rs 100, enough for two meals..never saw them again !