New ?

@vanities (11401)
Davao, Philippines
February 24, 2016 11:00pm CST
I log in today in my lot and notice on the new look of the website. Well I like it better than before, spacious discussion area and etc. What about you guys?
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@RaineyR (215)
25 Feb 16
I'm not sure if I am running on the old or the new site at the moment as I have just joined as a new member! I am finding it very easy to navigate and pick up though!
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@youless (95283)
• Guangzhou, China
25 Feb 16
I like the old Mylot much more since new Mylot can't work properly in daytime in my side. Besides, there is much more space in new Mylot and I have to scroll down often so that I can read more. I find it inconvenient.
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• Secunderabad, India
25 Feb 16
I dint like the new one much the old Mylot website was better!
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