Which performs better: Desktop or laptop

@VinayaG (550)
Kathmandu, Nepal
February 27, 2016 9:43am CST
Between desktop and laptop which one is better depends on what you do in your computer. I am a writer and I prefer laptop. Since laptop is portable and has inbuilt battery to give power back up, I can take my laptop where ever I want. However, if I was a musician I would need a desktop to create music. Even though musicians can use a laptop to create or edit music, however, based on performance and other thing, a desktop is better for musicians.
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@marlina (74742)
• Canada
27 Feb 16
I so much prefer working with a desktop.
• Pune, India
27 Feb 16
@VinayaG, It always vary from person to person and his needs. Laptop gives extra edge of mobility for any user. Desktop can't be moved easily and purpose does not serve fully. But on the other hand, Laptop does the same. As the consumers prefer laptops to Desktops, manufacturing companies too stopped producing desktops and continuing only on Laptops.
@Corbin5 (109340)
• United States
27 Feb 16
My husband prefers the desktop and I prefer the portability of my laptop. Guess it depends on what your needs happen to be. I move about all over the house with the laptop.
@Shavkat (63439)
• Philippines
27 Feb 16
I prefer laptop and it is accessible wherever I go. I also do online teaching and teach in places I desire.
27 Feb 16
I prefer to use laptop because it is very helpful for people like writers ,businessmen and the person who can not seat at one place Laptop takes very less space It is only 3-5 kg of weight it has camera as well as built-in battery For purpose of gaming and watching or sending all time movies I prefer desktop