Memory Is The Funniest Thing Perhaps!

February 29, 2016 12:24am CST
I usually do not forget things, specially my responsibilities like payments, house rent, medicine etc. If someone gives me some important instruction, I remember it. Often I recall things of the past by making connection of events, like 'that' day I did 'this', so 'the other' was done on the following day! Isn't funny? Ho ho! I have a joke community on a social networking site where we keep posting funny oneliners and other comedy pieces. Often I conceive a funny idea while doing some regular work. Then I don't have the scope to write it down, so I have to remember it. Later when I sit with my computer, sometimes I find that I have forgot the idea! But later I remember the same, again in connection with something! So, I think memory is the most amusing thing, almost like a naughty child or a mischievous pet, who keeps playing with us! Isn't it?
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@MGjhaud (20685)
• Philippines
29 Feb 16
me? not usually, almost all the time haha. thats why i dont keep things for others to remember cause im useless. sometimes i forgeg people's names and i just smile or laugh if i get stuck.
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• India
17 Mar 16
hahaha, that's amazing!
@avi256 (4367)
• Pune, India
16 Mar 16
I think memories really impact our emotions. I often like to go down the memory lanes of my school, college or times I spent at my hometown and its really amazing feeling.
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@skysnap (17946)
29 Feb 16
I learned one thing recently. Most of the dreams are often made up versions of our memory. so memory always gets manipulated by our bias.
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@divssri (981)
• Bangalore, India
29 Feb 16
Yes you are right , sometimes memory will so much fun.
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