A hand blanket

Brookville, Pennsylvania
February 29, 2016 11:27am CST
I prefer sleeping on my side. At some point I noticed that when I’m on my left side, usually my right hand is by my stomach and my left hand is curled up near my chest. But when I’m on my right side, my left hand is usually by my stomach and my right arm is under the pillow and my right hand is at the corner of the bed. For some reason, that just feels … natural. I’ll go from side to side while I’m falling asleep, but I usually end up on my right side so that I’m facing a wall instead of a window. Normally that isn’t an issue, but it’s winter, meaning it can get a little chilly. There have been mornings I’ll wake up to find my right hand cold. I’ll put it under the blanket to warm it up and drift back to sleep, only to wake up again later with it cold again. When it was really cold, I balled up a thin blanket and put it by my pillow so that – if I got cold – I could throw it over myself without getting out from under the blankets. I remembered that the other night, so now I’m trying to train myself that whenever I turn to my right, I slip my hand under this blanket so it doesn’t get cold. So I have a blanket just for my hand. And before anyone asks why I don’t just wear a glove, nine times out of ten if I wear socks to bed they’re off when I wake up, so I doubt a glove would make it through the night.
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@sugartoes (41933)
• Greencastle, Indiana
29 Feb 16
well you answered my question before I could ask it so that's out but they do have gloves you can wear that won;t come off during the night that has a strap on them to tighten them up cause I have a pair of them & I know this sounds strange but did you know that you can wear a pair of thin plastic gloves you can buy at the store & they will keep your hands warm? yeah cause I also wear them as well while I'm work on the computer cause what they do is take the heat from your hands & radiates it it really works.
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• Brookville, Pennsylvania
29 Feb 16
It's kind of weird to buy a pair of gloves, but only use one of them. Another reason I didn't try a glove is because it would be too different. I have a hard enough time falling asleep without giving my brain something odd to think about.
@Corbin5 (112762)
• United States
29 Feb 16
The blanket idea is a good one for that right hand! People really do have some complicated sleep positions that need tweaking now and then.
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