Is the World already on a War ?

Houston, Texas
February 29, 2016 1:07pm CST
I don't know If anyone else to feels like that, but the World is already on War.And it scares me, scares the hell out of me. I don't want to Die in a bomb blast or be shot by a gun. I want Death to be as peaceful as dawn. What we see in Newspapers, Media and Facebook Feeds might be the things that are purposely exposed to us. The Truth has been manipulated and disguised as a Lie. When did " Killing Innocent People " became a way of preaching God? And how is killing millions of people, just because they practise a certain way of worship justified as a way of saving Humanity Humanity is Dead. If there's one thing that has zero worth, it's a human life. And is Religion the right answer for " What is causing War " That one thing which was made by our Ancestors to maintain peace and harmony in the World has become the very same thing that is spreading Hatred and violence?
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29 Feb 16
Honestly, I think we actually live in a very peaceful time, and let me tell you why. If we look back in time, even just a couple of decades, the world was facing the very real threat of a WW3 that could transform large parts of the world into a nuclear wasteland. It might be called the cold war, but it could easily have turned hot. If we look back a few more decades, we had WW2. A war that threatened the entire Jewish race and religion. A century ago we had WW1 and the Armenian genocide These were just a few of the big wars we all know about. There were countless more wars going on in different parts of the world that we don't even learn about. Throughout the last 100 years at any given time there were more violence than we have today. This is true for war casualties as well as crime rates and the like. I think there are two reasons why some people thinks that the world is becoming worse. 1. We have a tendency to look at history with rose tinted glasses. 2. The news are fear mongering. For financial gain they primarily show only whats going wrong, and not whats going right.
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@sherryeb (586)
• Duncan, Arizona
29 Feb 16
Throughout history religion has been the cause of wars.
20 Apr 16
Religion has also been the cause of peace and harmony throughout history. Only the use of religion as a tool by some sick people to cover their heinous acts against humanity has been the cause of war.
20 Apr 16
The world has always been at war since we, the humans, have started to accumulate private properties, created territories and then borders. With accumulation came power and power is indeed a two edged sword. It can corrupt anybody very easily if not used properly. Has anybody ever seen people living in tribes in the jungles be at war? War is only the outcome of some sick powerful people's inhumane acts. It is fought either by them or by others to curb them.