March 1, 2016 11:14am CST
here in mylot we all belong to different countries and states but have english as common language. apart from english which language you can speak or read? i can speak hindi n lil'bit punjabi what about you friends? lets know each other a bit more. :)
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@rina110383 (24095)
1 Mar 16
I am fluent in both spoken and written Filipino (Tagalog). Likewise, I know Basic Spanish.
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1 Mar 16
thats nice @rina110383 :)
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@danny1971 (1749)
• Church Hill, Tennessee
1 Mar 16
I can speak Thai a little bit my mother is full blood Thai so when I was growing up she taught me how to speak Thai I know how to write my name in Thai also lol I've got a tattoo of my name wrote in Thai
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@MGjhaud (20696)
• Philippines
2 Mar 16
im from the philippines, born and raised here. my native language is Bisaya. we have several tribes here and in every tribe has its own language. aside from Bisaya, also know Tagalog. im not that fluent in that area but i can conversate enough. i know some Ilocano and Bagobo too but not fluent.
• Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
1 Mar 16
Im multi lingual lol, I speak English, Spanish, French and Italian
1 Mar 16
I come from Denmark, so besides english I obviously speak danish fluently