Ditching the do-do, night time

March 4, 2016 2:39pm CST
All week, my son has been napping without his soother. Last night, my husband was at a work dinner, so bedtime was handled by myself. It took longer, but he eventually went to sleep without his soother. He woke up during the night and in my half asleep haze, I gave it to him. One of these days we will completely get rid of it.
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@1wldngl (3991)
• United States
5 Mar 16
I have to tell you I hesitated on this one. Here "do do" is poop! LOL We call a "soother" a "binky" or "paci" for pacifier. That's hilarious! My son had one until he was about 3. He's adopted and he "came with" the binky so I couldn't bare the thought of taking it from him. I had a lot of them and as he bit through one I would tell him, "oh oh, it's broken, throw it in the trash" and he would. Finally he was down to just one and I told him when it "broke" we would have to throw it away and that was the last one he had, so by the time it broke we had weaned him down to having it only at nap time and it wasn't so hard by then. Plus he has always been pretty good in the common sense department, more so when he was younger. LOL Good luck. I know the battle. But they are SO cute with that binky! I have the cutest pictures of him.