Betting is either a win or a loss

@waflay (2726)
Nairobi, Kenya
March 6, 2016 9:27am CST
For quite sometime now this Sportpesa betting platform has been operational and involves betting on football matches.So I thought anyone who participates very well knows that it's a risky affair once you lose the money.But then it's the sweeter truth if you bet correctly,you are definitely the winner meaning gaining some cash but the bitter part is losing means you lose even the money that you had used to bet. But there is this guy who took a loan from a bank,went ahead and used all the money on betting.But unfortunately lost on a bet that saw him lose everything.Sad that this man took his own life by hanging. I think it's wise to bet with money you can afford to lose rather than wait with fingers crossed of the unpredictable.
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• Philippines
7 Mar 16
I've only bet on the lottery and that's it.
@kaka135 (14067)
• Malaysia
7 Mar 16
It's sad to hear that. I personally do not like gambling, but I think if someone wants to gamble or bet, he should bet wisely and also has self control. I have a friend who likes to go to casino, but he always set a certain amount of money for gambling, if he has lost all, no matter how, he'd just leave. I think we need to learn how to allocate our money wisely, even in spending money.
@SIMPLYD (81466)
• Philippines
7 Mar 16
What a way to have money - loan in a bank and bet . WHen you bet , you are not sure if you will win or not .
@avi256 (4367)
• Pune, India
7 Mar 16
You may surely win some in betting but its a proven fact that at the end, betting gives you losses only. When you win, you bet more to make best of the good time, and when you are loosing, you tend to bet more to recover amount....In any case extending the betting will lead to loss only, its the law of betting. The best one can do is to stop once you have won something.