Random Word Post – quadroon

Brookville, Pennsylvania
March 6, 2016 10:06am CST
I find a random word by flipping through my 2003 The New Webster’s Concise Dictionary and write a quick – often silly – little post about it. # “quadroon – A person having one Negro and three white grandparents.” I read years ago, that in pre-Civil War days, there were women with a certain white/black ancestry that were highly sought for brothels. They apparently had a unique skin color that drove the men wild. I was about to get on my high horse to condemn such actions, but what things we think of as “normal” today will make those a century hence look at us as uncouth barbarians?
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6 Mar 16
Gotta say I like your idea... learning a new random word each day and sharing it with the world. Can't wait to learn about tomorrow's word!
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