My husband

@kbkbooks (7028)
November 24, 2006 11:37am CST
My husband is not the most perfect man, he is not the most handsome to some eyes. But to me, he is sexy and affectionate and attractive, even hot. He loves me the best he knows how. He has been through a very sheltered family life with only a mom and dad, as an only child. He is not the most educated man. I am telling you these things because they are the things that most people look for. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING My husband loves in a strong devoted way. He tries to mirror the Christian example of a spouse. We are able to share our faith, and to worship and pray together in agreement to our Father God. We do our best to be good parents. Its a hard job sometimes. We are a blended family with my two boys and his boy and grown daughter, but that's another who discussion!! We stand by each other through health and illness and conflict and peace.
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