It worked

March 9, 2016 5:09am CST
It worked ,Thanks to every body that advice, i did suggest to my friend all the advice @ Sharon6345 , and Danty D. my friend put your talk to work. she just called now that her husband has agree to put his friend off in other for then to have peace in the house, more over the husband has promise to make it up with her for the pain he has cost her.. I think i my self have gain some lesson here, which is , it is always better to put an issue that burden your mind before who ever that is involve, you cant always do it your self in some issue. i guess i am right
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@DaintyD (1102)
9 Mar 16
@Henryhill I am so pleased it worked out for your friend and I hope her husband sticks to his world and treats her with more respect. It's possible he didn't realise how she was feeling - it's important we talk about any concerns we have, often they can so early be resolved. Reading you message made me smile. I hope your friend can now enjoy her marriage.
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