Greensboro, North Carolina
March 10, 2016 7:09pm CST
Studies have shown that people with similar DNA are more likely to have satisfying relationships. What are your thoughts on finding a soulmate? What about love at first site? “brain on love” phenomenon?
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11 Mar 16
I couldn't assure you with people have similar DNA are more likely to have satisfying relationships. As it was not really the main factor that contributes to relationships. Each individual are unique, and one thing I can assure you is what makes two lovers stick together is because of unique, each has their own beauty to attract each other like negative and positive signs of the magnet that are meant to be together. You know it takes a lot of understanding of yourself to really find the love of your life.
@DWDavis (12869)
• Pikeville, North Carolina
11 Mar 16
Being that all humans have 99.9% of the same DNA and it is only that small 0.1% that makes us different I have to wonder how reliable the study you referenced is. On soulmates, I do believe we each have one, though we may have a lot of false starts before we find him/her. I found mine after four false starts.
@AkoPinay (10087)
• Philippines
11 Mar 16
I'm not good at this topic. LOL