@slayer08 (2375)
March 11, 2016 9:59pm CST
I love and I became particularly interested in one talk about affairs and cheating. It was so perfectly explained that you really will learn to not hate the player but the game. In that talk the counselor said that cheaters are people who are looking for themselves and the affair is an avenue to discover just that. I appreciate the talk not because I'm a cheater (cause I never have done it) but I wish that I will, in the future be a better wife for my husband to see himself and learn himself fully while with me.
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@Oishi24 (48)
• Kolkata, India
12 Mar 16
To me, even if I do understand where a person is coming from and I'm ready to see their perspective, when their actions aren't right, they just aren't and I'm not going to forgive them.
@Shavkat (69493)
• Philippines
12 Mar 16
Once a person started to cheat, things will never be the same again. It happens in real life. However, there is always a saying forever between two people loving each so much.