Gender neutrality

Chandigarh, India
March 17, 2016 5:06am CST
Femminism has been a uprising topic from past few years . Women in due course of time have empowered a status which is commendable . But femminism does not mean that women are higher than men . Femminism means to reach a status equal to men not less than or more than them. But there have been several instances where men have been treated badly . But still they suffer because of false accussations . Women defame men by putting false accussation like rape , eve teasing just to insult the person . In my opinion a society should be equal for men and women . Equal status and role should be there . But that does not mean that i am adovcating for rape . But such accussation on people should be of 'just' use not to defame a person . I am all for gender neutrality
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• United Arab Emirates
18 Mar 16
I've read this report about women in Afghanistan fighting for their rights which is actually kind of uplifting because most women are too scared to do that and finally you see them fighting back. Sad but true that their are also battered men out there but I guess the statistics of abuse is still high against women. And I think gender supremacy is still high in muslim countries.
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• Chandigarh, India
18 Mar 16
It is not limited to muslim nations only. But other nations also have high gender supermacy.
@MALUSE (43497)
• Uzbekistan
17 Mar 16
Yes, it should be like this.
• Chandigarh, India
17 Mar 16
An equality of status should exist .
@allknowing (69319)
• India
18 Mar 16
There are some women who take undue advantage of the situation and in fact bully men