Trump: The USFL debacle

Joliet, Illinois
March 21, 2016 12:03am CST
Do you remember when current GOP Primary leader Donald Trump called the shots as a leader? Go back three decades to when Trump was the owner of the New Jersey Generals. For the early part of the 1980's, the United States Football League flourished as an alternative to the National Football League (NFL). One big reason why the USFL worked so well was because the league played their season during the spring. Their schedule was nestled nicely between the Super Bowl and the NFL preseason. Football fans experienced year-round joy because the USFL filled the void between NFL seasons. However, the USFL was losing money. The team needed some sort of boost in order to remain afloat. The USFL decided to take Donald Trump's advice by moving the season to the fall. The idea was going to give the USFL a quick fix due to the amount of advertising dollars the league would have obtained from companies that also advertised for the NFL at that time. Being influenced by Trump, the USFL filed an anti-trust lawsuit against the NFL, claiming that the NFL was a monopoly. The USFL won their case, but they only won $1, since the judges were in cahoots with the NFL. The USFL officially became defunct in 1989. Therefore, I have no confidence in what Trump is saying about improving the US economy when he couldn't even keep the USFL afloat.
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