Gratitude Challenge Day #658

@tammys85 (10641)
United States
March 21, 2016 9:09pm CST
Hey there, everyone. I’m working on my last assignment and watching WWE Raw, but I wanted to get the Gratitude Challenge up now. I’m planning to go to bed once Raw is off, and once this last assignment is finished, so now is a good time to get up the final MyLot post of the night. So anyways, here are the things I am grateful for today. :) 1. My stomach was giving me issues yesterday, but it’s been feeling better today. 2. I’m almost finished with my work; I just have one more order yet, and I’ll definitely hit my daily goal. I grabbed also grabbed an order for tomorrow. 3. WWE Raw is on right now. 4. I should have my new glasses in about two weeks or so. 5. I had a to-do list of three important things, and I have crossed two of those three things off the list. I’m not going into what the tasks were; the point is that I only have one more important thing left to do. :) Alrighty. I have a general outline of how I want to do this writing order, so I’m gonna get it done and maybe switch to my tablet for the last bit of WWE Raw. I hope everyone’s week has started off great. You all have a good night and take care.
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@just4him (120586)
• Green Bay, Wisconsin
23 Mar 16
I'm glad you got so much done yesterday. My day was and wasn't the greatest.