A Day Of Terror

United States
March 22, 2016 11:13pm CST
I can only TRY to imagine what the families of all the victims in Brussels are going through tonight. My heart goes out to each one of them and all the residents of Brussels. To those who have lost their dear loved ones to death. May they rest in peace. And to those who were injured, some very critically and to all of those who were traumatized by just being there and seeing the horrible tragedy happen before their very eyes, may they be comforted. We should all PRAY for them to be comforted and supported by friends and family. May the God of heaven comfort them. One scripture that is very comforting to me is John 5:28, 29. This scripture says it all. Not only for the innocent ones who died today, but also for those who acted wickedly. Judgment will be meted out.
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@dodoazo (21035)
• Philippines
23 Mar 16
Though I live in the Philippines, I am also affected by the bombings happened in Brussels. We do sympathize the families of those victims, of those who were killed in the bombing incident. Lately, I happened to talk to several college students who are about to graduate that they should be ready anytime. It is no joke that the World War III would explode and nobody would be spared from their lives.
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• United States
23 Mar 16
Who really knows what will happen next? No one! The Bible indicates that we are living now in the "time of the end" and that soon "the great day of God the Almighty," the war of Armageddon will begin. Revelation 16:14-16 The book of Revelation is written in "signs." (Revelation 1:1) The meaning of these signs is found throughout the Bible so that's why it is so important to read the entire Bible and learn what the "signs" mean. For more information on many Bible questions, go to this web site and read Bible-based answers in your own language.
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