He's my EX, but we are still together.

March 24, 2016 11:10pm CST
Why is it that after you break-up with your ex, he has already dating someone else, and you know about it, BUT the both of you still come back for each other. You are still having sex with him on a regular basis, and you know about the new girlfriend. What and Why does this happen often? How can you and will you to ever get over each other? And he goes out of town every weekend returning on Tuesday morning and calls you as soon as he gets in the car to head back home so that you and him can get together? Does he really love his new girlfriend or does he still love you?
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@Alvinsir (82)
• Huade, China
25 Mar 16
tall him:go out.
@Juliaacv (32363)
• Canada
25 Mar 16
There is a difference between being in love with someone and being in lust with someone. It sounds like this is a physical relationship.
@LdeL0318 (6440)
• Philippines
25 Mar 16
That's sort of unusual. But if he really loves his girlfriend he won't probably do that. Now if he's still in love with his ex, why not just come back?
@sharon6345 (135400)
• United States
25 Mar 16
he does not love his new girlfriend I can tell you that much. if he did he could not ever do that to her. What you now need to figure out is does he love you. If you say your his ex your fooling yourself. Your in an open relationship with him and that is the bottom line. If you want his respect you had better find a way to make his azz choose you or her or you open up and realize your living a lie if you don't except the terms as you said them clearly here. I wish you the best.