Water Can Reduce Tiredness

@ChrisH09 (280)
Trinidad And Tobago
March 25, 2016 6:29pm CST
Many of use tend to fell tired even after we have had a full night of sleep, the reason for this just mighr be that we are actually dehydrated. Think about it, you spend hours sleeping so that means you spend hours withour rehydrating yourself and while you sleep your body is still working to do repairs and rejuvenate itself. Also during the day you may not realize it but you can be a little hydrated and only water will to the trick to give you that boost back of energy.
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@gofsey (1542)
• Madurai, India
26 Mar 16
You betcha! The blue planet abounds with water. Our body is more than three-fourths water. Water is a miracle healer metabolically speaking.
@marlina (77856)
• Canada
26 Mar 16
I drink a lot of water and that doesn't seem to help me feeling less tired.