Porivo Gomez

@annihilus (2185)
November 24, 2006 2:31pm CST
If you like to earn a lot of money (oh, not more than$3 a month + $1 per ref.) try this... paid always on time by paypal. please not all countries will be accepted but you can earn from $ 0,01 to $ 0,30 a day without do anything... only to be online and leaving peer working... more you use your cpu more you earn! you'll be paid when you have $ 5 at the beginning of the next month. Sometimes the time of approval can be 5-10 days... When you'll be approved, download and install their little hide peer-bar. It doesn't appear on your monitor, only a icon in your bar... recommended! https://peer.gomez.com/aspx/application.aspx?Referrer=krull I have earned more than $ 100 with porivo gomez!
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