What Deliberate Creation really Entails

By Jani
Susanville, California
April 3, 2016 12:24pm CST
For some time now I have thought since I have studied the Law of Attraction that deliberate creation means deliberately thinking good and positive thoughts. Last night I came across an Abraham Hicks quote that basically told me it is the complete opposite. Which actually makes sense the way it was stated. When you are able to dismiss negative or painful thoughts quickly and kind of laugh them off a little, they start to lose momentum. You should try to do this as quickly as possible because only 17 seconds and the thought gains more momentum. When you're able to do this consistently then your vibration will naturally rise. The Law of Attraction does the rest, yipee! That sounds a lot easier for me. Instead of consistently using my focus to try to force myself to think positively, now my intention is going to be the dismissal of negative and painful thoughts which are actually kind of rare for me most of the time. How the Law of Attraction does the rest is because when your vibration rises.. natural positive thoughts will occur to you as an idea rather than as a forced "make me think this" thing. Then it should start to happen more often and the good, positive feeling thoughts, will start to change your reality rather than the other negative ones. I am definitely ready to try out this new method. It makes so much more sense to me. If the Law of Attraction is going to do most of the work, and it will, then absolutely let's try. For example we don't have to work at the law of gravity to stay on the ground so why would we have to work really hard at this law? We don't. Not the way I had been any way.
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@Corbin5 (119782)
• United States
3 Apr 16
Dr. Abraham A. Low taught his patients to swap negative thoughts as soon as the thought reared its ugly head with positive thoughts until that swapping became a habit. With effort, this habit becomes innate. Dr. Low created Recovery, Inc., in the 1930s and the non-profit organization is still going strong and has saved so many lives.
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• Susanville, California
3 Apr 16
Wow nice, I had never heard of him before. Perhaps I will try this as well. Thanks for the information.