Franklin Graham Rallies

, Pennsylvania
April 5, 2016 1:08pm CST
Franklin Graham is going to all fifty state capitals to ask Christians to vote in this great Presidential Election. The rallies are well attended as many people realize that something is radically wrong with this country. He is attracting a diverse crowd and both major parties are well represented. He wants Christians to vote even when we do not like the candidates. The individual candidates may not be Spiritual giants, but we can advance Christian Values by surrounding them with Christians who can support the cause. We may actually have to hold our nose when we vote as the candidates may disagree with us on a variety of issues. We are voting for a President or other political candidates, we are not voting for the Pastor of our church. Pastors are spiritual leaders who must help people get right with God, and so they are held to a much higher standard. Presidents and political leaders deal with the temporal issues of this world and the standards for them are much lower. Gridlock in Washington can be overcome, if we talk to each other, get to know each other, see the world from another point of view, and then find common ground. Graham wants Christians to vote in every election and to get involved in politics and run for public office at every level of government. He advises that we should look for candidates who are not adverse to Christian Values. If we do not vote we do not have any influence, and our opponents will have all the influence and a major voice on all the issues. The bottom line is we should ask God who to vote for and he will give us Wisdom. Do you agree with Franklin Graham? Please tell us what happens when he come to your state. Source: Faith Under Fire: Decision 2016: Franklin Graham One On One - Family Life Podcasts
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• Stanton, Kentucky
19 Apr 16
I agree that we should ask for God's guidance when we vote as well as in every other aspect of our lives.
@Corbin5 (122833)
• United States
5 Apr 16
I do think God trusts me to make the choice on my own. I applaud Franklin Graham for encourage Christians to vote since Christian values are what I use to guide my life.