Will you try a vegan easy recipe?

Greenacres, Washington
April 8, 2016 1:16pm CST
Hello I'm vegan and I have my cooking channel on you tube. I made some easy recipes. Like bubble tea, rice cakes, tofu sandwich, vegan chicken nuggets, vegan quesadillas, and even a vegan recipe for dog food! What do you think if I share my recipes with you? You will be wiling to make them if they're easy? They really are, and you will save money and a lot of time and in top of that have an excellent health!
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@Bunny28 (190)
• Lillington, North Carolina
8 Apr 16
I was reading this and I am confused. Vegetarians don't eat meat most of them due to them not wanting to eat animals. However a vegan is like them but a bit more extreme they won't only not eat animals and or anything made with products from animals. Vegans don't usually eat eggs,milk or any other things like it. Which is why I am confused Quesadillas are made from cheese.
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@Pegasus72 (1901)
8 Apr 16
cheese would be made from a cow so vegetarians might eat this but vegans would not, vegans don't eat honey either because they are from a bee
• Greenacres, Washington
10 Apr 16
Erica: There is vegan cheese that is made from vegan milk: soy milk, rice milk, almond milk, cashew milk. There is a great variety, every supermarket now has vegan milk and they are starting to include cheese too. Vegan milk has more calcium than cows milk. The vegan cheese that I love is Daiya and they have the cheddar, Swiss, and many more but my favorite is the mozzarella version , it melts like real cheese and it tastes even better. I make my own vegan gluten free from scratch at home and my family loves it! You should try these products, the almond milk is delicious, they even have different flavors, like vanilla and chocolate. When I wasn't vegan I never liked the cows milk, I think I was intolerant, gave me diarrhea every time I drank it, now I love the vegan milk, I never noticed about this milk before, I was so blind that I was like a robot going to the supermarket and grab the cows milk without looking the other options. I was so surprised when I went vegan on how delicious taste the vegan milk.
@quantum2020 (9534)
• Ciudad De Mexico, Mexico
9 Apr 16
I may be interested in trying some of your vegan recipies. I´m looking for low budget ideas, especially in recipies that are made for vegans.
@vhpsandi (360)
• Mumbai, India
8 Apr 16
yes! I cook all sorts of food, but can't promise them to be tasty. Maybe a little help will sort me out.
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