Celebrity crushes/ fans being disrespectful

@sissy15 (5862)
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April 8, 2016 4:09pm CST
I am the type of person that really gets into their celebrity crushes for various reasons, but I've never been so bad that I'm rude or forget about what is reality and what isn't. I went on Patrick Dempsey's wife's instagram to see if she posted pictures of Patrick and of course she did. She works for Avon, and I have absolutely no interest in makeup, I have only ever even worn makeup or nail polish when I was practically held down and forced to. It's just not me. Regardless, I was on her page looking through pictures, and I couldn't get over some of the comments some people made or the boldness of people. I have this huge crush on Patrick, but I get that he's married, and I think it's amazing they're making a Hollywood marriage work. They almost divorced awhile back, but called it off, which I was happy to hear. You can have a crush on someone without wanting their marriage to end, and without being disrespectful. Some people went as far to yell "You're not Meredith!" at her because they're stuck in a fantasy world where Derek is married to Meredith on Grey's. Some people said "I thought you were getting a divorce!" I just couldn't get over how rude people were...I can't say I'm surprised, but at the same time I just don't get how people can act like that. Someone yelled at her for using Patrick's page to advertise for Avon. It may be Patrick's page, but he let her use it. I was happy to hear they were making their marriage work, sure I find Patrick attractive, but I have a lot of respect for him as well. I don't get how fans can be so disrespectful, and still call themselves fans. People get really crazy over celebrities, and they violate their privacy. I get that when they put themselves in the public eye that they make their lives public, but that doesn't mean they don't deserve the right to some privacy. They should be able to walk outside and not be bombarded by paparazzi or fans. I try to respectful to everyone, I don't see how celebrities would be any different. Truth be told I don't even know Patrick or any of my other celebrity crushes, only what they choose to tell the public. I just know I like the kind of person he seems to be, based on some of the stuff he has done. He just seems like a good guy which is why I like him, well apart from the part where he's gorgeous. I am just using Patrick as an example because of the stuff I've seen people write, but really it can be said about any celebrity. Just because they're famous doesn't mean they're obligated to share every aspect of their lives with us, and that doesn't mean we have the right to disrespect their marriages and etc. I get that we have our crushes, but it seems like some people take it to extremes, let's face it even if they weren't married the chance that they'd get with a fan is pretty slim, sure it has happened, but it's rare. I guess I'm odd in that I can have a crush without necessarily wanting to be with them. I have a boyfriend, I love my boyfriend, I wouldn't leave him even if I had the chance, which let's face it I don't lol. There's nothing wrong with daydreams, but sometimes we really need to face reality.
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@JohnRoberts (70625)
• Los Angeles, California
8 Apr 16
I think most of us have had crushes on a celebrity at one time or another. For every stalker, the 99 percent plus rest of us just admire talent and looks and go about our daily business.
@sissy15 (5862)
• United States
8 Apr 16
I honestly don't know about that anymore. People get so darn rude sometimes. I mean we sometimes joke, but I've seen a ton of comments under those pictures and I don't get how people can be so bold and rude.