I felt like I could delete the response but something just held me back

@waflay (2727)
Nairobi, Kenya
April 11, 2016 7:50am CST
It has been sometime since I wrote down a certain discussion and got quite a number of responses but I got one response that was out of topic and flatly rude.But the I thought about a few things raising questions why we read and even go ahead and give an opinion of what we think.Do we give a response based on the title yet it has limitations to give the entire meaning of the article?Then if you read the attached article,do you give a response based on your understanding of what is written?Or do you just do shallow reading without understanding anything and give a response of what abruptly comes to your mind? So from my personal formulated questions,I guessed this person may be fell under the shallow readers and I decided to let it pass and even leave the response as it was.
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@scheng1 (24742)
• Singapore
11 Apr 16
Actually most people here do not read till the end. Just bear with it, and do not take it personally. You will be happier if you learn not to care so much about what others say.
@MALUSE (43657)
• Uzbekistan
11 Apr 16
A wise decision!