Neopets Dark Faerie Quests: Why Are They So Awesome?

@freak369 (4989)
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April 11, 2016 8:48am CST
Regardless of whether you get a random quest or get one from a Faerie Quest Fortune Cookie, getting one from the Dark Faerie or Battle Faerie are almost always going to be more than worth the price of the item. Of course, the higher the level of your pet the more it is going to cost to train them at one of the schools or academies so quests like this are even more sought after. The SHH (Something Has Happened) quests are random but the ones from Fortune Cookies are not; you get one per day but you can't pick which faerie you are going to 'work' for. Today I got one and didn't realize it until I went to use the Shop Wizard to get a price on something. That's when the Dark Faerie asked me to get her Krawk Pirate Ship (and be quick about it). These are incredibly cheap and even if they were selling for 1K a piece, it would still be worth it even if you had no idea which attribute she would be blessing. "You have completed a quest for a Dark Faerie. Hmph, your competence is annoying. Very well, I'll reward you. With warts! Just kidding. For your efforts, PoisonGirl_666's health has increased!" So, for a "junk item" I had in my Safety Deposit Box I got a three point bump for my HP. This can be confusing for newer players because HP is called a couple of different things. When you train at the Secret Ninja Academy its called Endurance, elsewhere it is referred to as Health, HP (hit points) or simply "hit points". The Dark Faerie usually asks for toys or plushies so if you have a healthy, hefty SDB chances are you might already have the item needed to complete the quest. I went from 1,226 to 1,229 which is awesome for an item that is usually considered junk. Image: Neopets © 1999-2016 Neopets, Inc. All rights reserved. Used With Permission.
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11 Apr 16