Short time Rich scheme

April 11, 2016 9:11am CST
If there are any schemes that can make you Rich in very short time, I don't believe in them. I am not denying that there are some people who get rich in not time but those people are eithy luck or have a million dollars idea that become successful, do you know any such scheme.
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@sjvg1976 (18411)
• Delhi, India
11 Apr 16
I never believe on shortcuts. If people get successful through applying shortcuts then they may get that success for short time.
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• Surrey, British Columbia
12 Apr 16
well,some people destined to be rich.and some wishes luck just like the lottery ,you can possibly win so therefore you get rich all of a sudden just for a short time .
@Shavkat (65144)
• Philippines
11 Apr 16
Some people are lucky to be rich.
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@LdeL0318 (6440)
• Philippines
11 Apr 16
Well, if I know some, then I am probably rich now. Unfortunately I have not known something like that.
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@marlina (76765)
• Canada
11 Apr 16
One has to be careful about those schemes to get rich in a short time. There is no such a thing.
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@Dextoi (2426)
• Philippines
3 May 16
There are a lot of these schemes and they are good when they are still in their starting days. After a month or so, it would start its decline... i'm sure there are people who were made wealthy because of this... but there are a lot who did not...
• Baltimore, Maryland
16 Apr 16
Yes.There are numerous schemes on Instagram,Twitter,Facebook, etc.
@whiteream (3739)
• United States
15 Apr 16
I have heard of many but they don't work. You want money you have to work hard for it.