No Suport Tonight

By Lola
@Lolaze (3075)
United States
April 12, 2016 5:19pm CST
Well, I feel completely abandoned right now. I can't get a hold of my mental health case manager for anything today. I tried calling and leaving a message this morning - she never called back. I called twice this afternoon and she never called back either. I'm in a little bit of a crisis and could really use someone to talk to. I've had a stressful few days. Sunday I found out my therapist had to leave town in an emergency and I won't have any therapy for a month. Yesterday, a friend went to the ER with suicidal thoughts, but they wouldn't keep her because of her diagnosis. Yes, you read that right! So now she's back at the shelter where she is living but not feeling safe. Today, I locked my keys in my car and had to go through the whole mess of getting that fixed. Now its 5:11 PM and my case manager gets off work at 5:30, I know there is no way she's going to call me back. All I can do really is take my night time medications and go to sleep so I make it through the night.
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@carebear29 (28369)
• Wausau, Wisconsin
12 Apr 16
At least you can vent or talk here and we all listen. It is tough but you'll be good.
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@Hate2Iron (7665)
• Canada
13 Apr 16
As everyone else has pointed out... you have all of us to talk to if you need us. :)
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• Philippines
12 Apr 16
Well, were active here so you can chat with us, if not in post but also in private message don't feel alone, i come here when i have that feeling sometimes.
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@sharon6345 (118038)
• United States
12 Apr 16
Is there no one that can take your friend out that shelter.. That might help her to ease up on those thoughts.
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@cherriefic (4326)
• Baguio, Philippines
12 Apr 16
Pleae don't feel your alone. Were here for you as well. Just hang out around here so you can occupy your thoughts.
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• Minneapolis, Minnesota
12 Apr 16
I am so sorry you are going through all that I understand how you feel as I have been on medication for clinical depression almost my entire life. Currently I dont have the best insurance so i cant get the meds and help that I need. Mylot helps a lot there are so many different people to talk to here and most are very helpful. we are here for you
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• Dallas, Texas
13 Apr 16
Good grief! Looks as though your day has been a rough one. I once did CBT and Dialogo for about a year. I too go to therapy about once every 3 or more months and for labs and updates to my medications. Here is a link to a book I recently read by Dr. David D. Burns, called: Feeling Good: I think you would like this book: The URL is as follows: Hope things go better for you tomorrow.
The website of David D. Burns, MD