An alternative to psyhiatric hospital of therapy,holistics and lifeskills

November 24, 2006 4:20pm CST
I have been hospitalized in a psyhiatric institution several,each time against my will with the exception of the last where I used the negative environment to enforce a resignation that I would never return.I'm in urgent need of a place in a beautiful setting and caring people who can provide a structured programme of progressive therapy,undisrupted by the pressures of society and its attendant frustrations.I love to talk but I have a tendency to lack the focus required to unearth the underlying issue.I have been paralysed in my admixture of architectonic designs for living the perfectly authentic life in a systematic way.This stagnation has been confounded by my obsession with self-talk.I need an environment where my recurring elations can settle into a more contemplative understanding of essential action.In short,I desperately need to learn to meditate,relax and harness this peaceful state to restore the natural rythms of thought and action.My disdain for societal ills have confounded by irritable elations so much so that neither a diagnosis nor a cure suffice but merely a prescription of activities to exist.
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