An Independent UN Human Rights Council

Pune, India
April 15, 2016 12:45am CST
An Independent Human Rights Organisation should be formed who are independent of the UN, the USA and its allies who turn a blind eye when Israel inflicts atrocities on the Palestinians. The Jewish Rabbi Dr. Edward Rettig writing to UN secretary-General Ban-Ki Moon to look into the matter is a great concern for all humanity at large.
The UN Human Rights Council’s negative hyper-focus on Israel hurts its credibility worldwide, but it causes far worse damage to the struggle for human rights in Israel itself.
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15 Apr 16
How much pressure would you put on the UN? Several countries in the world have had different issues with the US. But in the end, they have to work their way through it. No other country today is interested in any kind of global activism. We live in a world where having any kind of a conflict with the US can have very high stakes for the people of a country that is already suffering from an ailing government. So every government would look into its own interests ultimately. Plus its a pretty silly move for the countries to come up and pressurize the UN, an organisation literally controlled by the US to set up a counter world body against the US. Isn't it?
• Pune, India
15 Apr 16
Yes the UN has to become of the mighty US of A
15 Apr 16
Such an organisation would barely have any weight in the international platform in my opinion. Human rights is a world issue. And what you call the 'allies' of the USA is an indefinite body of various countries and its composition keeps changing.. One just simply cannot alienate the US. Its time they understand that they have to work despite the US.
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• Pune, India
15 Apr 16
Bringing pressure upon the UN by countries willing to bring the change needed, can help.
@Hannihar (44438)
21 Dec
Before Nicky Haley came to the UN they made Israel their scapegoat and did not ever treat them fairly. Now, we are getting a better deal with Nicky Haley there and Trump as the President. The UN has always been anti-Israel before. Israel goes to the aid of countries that have had disasters happen to them and Israel comes up with cures while our enemies shoot rockets and ram cars and knife our people. We are not the bad guys here. Open your eyes and see the truth finally.