Finding the Dead - Increasingly Difficult

United States
April 15, 2016 6:18am CST
Have you ever wanted to find the death announcement or the burial place of a recently deceased person? It's rapidly becoming a difficult task to successfully do so! How so? Newspapers are slow to print anything they don't get paid for, for one thing. If a person had no one willing to pick up the tab, the person's passing might not even be mentioned. Or if the death was considered tragic or shocking, announcement of the passing might never appear. Perhaps due to the committing of a crime or suicide or aids. Finally, people are being cremated. That in itself is no problem. But if the ashes are kept or sprinkled, where is the stone? Where is the burial listing? See what I mean?
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@MALUSE (42636)
• Germany
15 Apr 16
I haven't encountered a problem in this respect. Our local newspaper regularly prints the names of the deceased, marriages and newborn babies.
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• United States
15 Apr 16
Not sure how things go in Germany. Even in the U.S., things once were quite different. For instance, my great-grandfather's drowning was described in great detail -- how many times he rose above the water, and the screams he made before he went down for the final time. Then the fact that his body didn't rise until after the passing of a packet boat. When you're looking for a particular person, -- or rather many particular persons -- you often find there are some you can't discover.