Viva La Vida sounding too similar to Joe Satriani's If I Could Fly

April 16, 2016 3:28am CST
Does this ring a bell? Both Coldplay and Satriani's had long ago reached an out of court settlement on the copyright infringement case. As likely as it can be, I couldn't help but think when I first heard If I could Fly that the similarity between the first part of viva la Vida and his song seemed too much for it to be a random coincidence as Coldplay claims it is. My friend told me about this quite recently. Was quite taken aback when I heard the song initially.
CLICK MORE INFO!!! This is where Coldplay got that "amazing idea" for Viva La Vida. I used to like Coldpay but I'm not so sure anymore. 1/20/09: Please watch...
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