How often do we try to fast forward time?

College Park, Maryland
April 17, 2016 11:22am CST
Hey Mylotters! Have you ever been told not to fast forward time? I've been told that often but often wondered... Why? If my present sucks, why not want time to fast forward me out of this present situation? I've spent many a day on auto-pilot waiting for a better situation until I learned... Well you'll see... My son has a field trip tomorrow. With not so many field trips scheduled this year, he's super excited and he can't wait to go. On Friday he was upset it wasn't Monday. Last Monday & every Monday before that, he was mad it wasn't Friday. On Saturday, he started bothering me about it. Today, same thing. He's about to explode! On the other hand... I have about 5 projects due Monday. His little distractions regarding this field trip are slowing my efforts towards completion. I am trying to slow time. I don't have enough of it and I fear I'm not going to be done. I started thinking... My son has a great lesson in front of him. Instead of worrying about tomorrow, live today or you will drive yourself and everyone else (or at least your mother) bonified CRAZY! Sheesh!
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@db20747 (11283)
• Washington, District Of Columbia
17 Apr 16
Hey Shav. When we are kids field trips just itch you until you are walking through the gates of the amusement park or Disney Land. The anticipation drives kids crazy. If we just tell them it'll be here soon enough, it's a coming, they might calm down the excitement a bit. Until then, maybe keep him as busy as possible.