regulation dates heat is turned on and off

United States
November 24, 2006 5:22pm CST
For many years in this condominium delvelopment the boilers were on all year. Consequently, if it became chilly in any owner's apartment, they could turn up the thermostat and get some heat - even if for a short time in the early morning or late evening. Several years ago, the board president changed the policy and decided to have the boilers turned off during the summer. There have been a change in president and the current person is electing to have the boilers turned off earlier in the spring and later in the autumn. (Keeping with the rules that landlords must adhere to in buildings with tenants.) Does the board president have the right to do this when there are several condo owners who are complaining because their apartments are cold. The board supports the president and the other owners really don't care because their apartments are not cold.
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