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@xstitcher (12997)
Petaluma, California
April 18, 2016 12:40pm CST
Mom and I went out this Morning--Mom had to stop at the bank first, and then we headed over to Peet's Coffee. When we went over there, a lady saw me and was all, "Hi, how have you been...? " etc. Of course, I, though the lady looked familiar, could not think of who she was for the life of me. She told me her daughter was well and that she herself just worked across the way. I told her I was good, asked her how she was, and even gave her one of my business cards. The whole time I'm thinking, "I know you from somewhere, but where???" Mom and I got our coffee things and went to a table, and the lady went up and got coffees to take back to work. I told my mother, since the lady was out of earshot, "I know I know that lady, but I don't know from where !" The lady went out the door with the coffees she got, and Mom and I sat and enjoyed ours. On the way home, Mom and I were talking about how we hated it when we met someone that said hello to us and we couldn't think for the life of us who they were. I thought of the name that I'd heard the barrista call the lady at the counter, and the name of her daughter that she'd mentioned, and then it hit me. I'd known the lady and her daughter from the choir we were in together at a church I'd attended ! Phew! That was good that I had remembered--it would have driven me nuts all day !
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@marlina (80729)
• Canada
18 Apr 16
Glad that you did remember, otherwise, you would have been thinking about it all night and unable to sleep.
@xstitcher (12997)
• Petaluma, California
18 Apr 16
That is very possible, @marlina !
• Lenox, Georgia
18 Apr 16
I hate when that happens but I'm glad it finally came to you!