Hello, My Lotters ! 4-19-16

Photo taken by me this morning 4-19-16
@xstitcher (13264)
Petaluma, California
April 19, 2016 7:44pm CST
Today I woke up early. I don't recall how early it was, but the sun was still coming up outside, so I went out to take some pictures. It wasn't a bad day, but a day full of "events" of sorts... Today while Mom and I were still home, they turned the power off. So, not long after that we headed to her doctor appointment, and of course, were early. While waiting in the waiting room, I worked on my bookmark a bit, as I had brought it with me to do while Mom was in the doctor, though I worked on it a bit before she went in too. Then a lady that Mom knew before I was born (who Mom had coincidentally been talking to me about yesterday) suddenly appeared, and we all talked for a while, then she and I talked a bit more after Mom went in. Weird--she said her grandson or something lives like just around the corner from my brother, so it's very likely that my two older nephews and he go to school together. ;) She and Mom are also both into dolls. I gave her one of my business cards, which has our phone number and address on it, so, as she said, we could get together and go out for tea (as she put it) or something some time. :) After we left the doctor (where Mom had had her eyes dialated) we went out to the fabric store so that Mom could pick up a few things, and then we went out to lunch. On the way home, Mom discovered that her air conditioning was out, and so it was pretty darn hot on the way home. When we got home, the power was still out, and I thought I would work more on my bookmark or something. When I went to go down the hall to my room, though, I discovered that Angel had had the "runs" down the hallway. No sooner had I cleaned that up, then I went down the hall, looked into my mother's sewing room, and she had left more "runs" along with something more solid in Mom's sewing room. So, I cleaned that up. After I was done with that, I came in to do Bible study and evidently not long after I did that, I fell asleep, cause I woke up again about two and a half/three hours later. I probably won't sleep much tonight. But, the day is ending, (it's cooled off considerably) and the power is on again, and we're home. Hope your day was a good one, and maybe less "eventful" than mine.
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@cessy_08 (308)
• Dublin, Ireland
20 Apr 16
Wow, your day is quite a handful, wasn't it? Mine would turn out to be boring in comparison with yours!