Going to try....

Photo taken by me yesterday morning, 4-19-16
@xstitcher (12462)
Petaluma, California
April 20, 2016 2:06am CST
...to get some sleep. First though, I need to get my dog off of my bed, which means that I need to go to the kitchen and get her a treat. Tomorrow Mom and I will have Frankie for the day, and one of the things we are going to do while he's here is take Angel to the pet store and give her a bath. That ought to be interesting. She's at least part lab, so I don't think that she'll mind the water. ;) After that I guess we'll go to the park and do stuff like that. I don't know what Mom has in mind. So, I'll sign off for now and wish you all a good night/morning/etc. HOpefully I won't see you again until this evening (I say "this" evening, because my clock now says it's 12:01 , which means it's Wednesday morning...
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@Shavkat (65269)
• Philippines
20 Apr 16
That's good start for the following day. Sleep tight!