April 22, 2016 11:55am CST
I feel undervalued by the person I love the most so I tried to open up with her. then she told me to be straightforward, I was shocked by her response so without further thinking, "I want a breakup.." was the sentence I released. I am staring at her to see if she even flinched with my statement but to my surprise, she's not! And that's just worsen my feelings. It's like I am still the only one who values everything that we had. and before that day ends, we really broke up. are there still hope for us? Feel free to share any of your comments/feelings/observations etc. i will highly appreciate it. thanks.
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@carebear29 (28941)
• Wausau, Wisconsin
22 Apr 16
Sorry to hear that. Something must be up or she's been suspecting it and waiting for you to say it. It is her loss.
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@saurabhrmp (2318)
• Hyderabad, India
22 Apr 16
Don't feel bad. It is a loss for her not for you.
@Shavkat (67331)
• Philippines
22 Apr 16
I know what it feels. I also experienced that. Give her time, if she comes back. Then it is really meant to be.