Had some bad luck yesterday

April 22, 2016 3:57pm CST
Yesterday was a bad day. It started off okay, then went downhill when I was going to pick up the girls from school. I strapped my son into his car seat and realized both my house and car keys were in the house. I had locked my door on the way out. Thankfully, one of our windows doesn't lock, so I had to heave myself up through it. Yes I was sore after, but I made it to the school on time to get the girls. The second bad thing happened after dinner. Last night was bath night and I usually start with the youngest and work my way up to the oldest. The 2 youngest were bathed and in their pajamas. I was upstairs when my 4 year old says the 2 year old went outside. I didn't even stop for my shoes. That little guy is fast and had made it a few houses away. Thankfully a concerned citizen had pulled over and stopped him from going further. He was safe, but so many things could have happened. I need to ensure all in the house are more careful with the back door. So far, today has been better, though I am sure my son scared a few years off the end of my life.
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@sol_cee (17435)
• Saint Vincent And The Grenadines
22 Apr 16
That is so scary! Thanks to that concerned citizen though. Many people would not even care.
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• Minneapolis, Minnesota
22 Apr 16
Kids are great for scaring the crap out of us and they do it well. I am glad to hear you are having a better day :-)
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@Corbin5 (116530)
• United States
22 Apr 16
Thank goodness for that concerned citizen! You do have your hands full!!!
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@jaboUK (55052)
• United Kingdom
22 Apr 16
What a good job your 4 year old alerted you. On the contrary to you saying it was a bad day, I would say it was an extremely lucky day. Your son is safe, instead of being killed or hurt.